Regarding the terrible incident in Stockholm Friday 7 April

To parents in Rödabergsskolan. 

Due to the terrible incident at Drottninggatan last Friday I will give you a brief description about actions taken here in school. 

This morning (Monday April 10), we had a briefing with the ”Fritids” staff who work this week. All the school staff has also been given a more substantial status information via their email. 

Friday evening, the school was open until all children had been picked up. It worked well. There were problems both with transport and telecommunications and therefore many reasons to feel uncomfortable and worried as a parent, but you can be assured that as long as there are children in school we will stay. 

When things like these happen, both children and adults need to feel secure and safe and to have facts. This is crucial for us. It is important that we at all times are sensitive and observant, and ask specific questions when needed. We also abstain from speculations. 

This is what you can expect from us. 

In socials medias like Snapchat, both your child and yourself can unfortunately find horrible pictures from Drottninggatan. For example, the deceased young school girl. 

Talk to your child and check. 

If you need to talk to someone you can contact the school and we can also recommend Stockholm City crisis support center at Hantverkargatan 3, phone 08-508 40 000 and a crisis support line that can be reached at phone 08- 517 70 000 

My thoughts are with the families who are in deep mourning and the seriously injured whose families still live in uncertainty. 

My thoughts are also with the strength and the community the people of Stockholm showed. We stand strong to threats and terror. We will link arms, support each other and help out when it is most needed. That is also the way we handle this at Rödabergsskolan. Our children and the future need it. 

Best regards, 

Peter Lundström