Romme Alpin

On Sunday the 12th March Years 7 to 9 have the opportunity to ski with Rödabergsskolan at Romme Alpin in Borlänge.

Apply and pay online with a bankcard or internetbank. Go to and click on Skola Online and place your order. The password is 14287118

Booking is open (as long as there are places) between 2016-01-18 and 2016-03-03.

06:30 meet at school. Back at 19:00 approximately.


Friluftsdagspaket: (travel and ski pass included 320 kr)
Equipment: Rental of Ski Package 175 kr, Snowboard Package 205 kr and TwinTipPaket 245 Kr.
Field Day Menu: Choice of hamburger meal, pasta with meat sauce or waffles with jam and cream. A beverage is included. 60 kr.
The same lunch voucher is valid for other options and á la carte. You just make up the difference. The coupon is available from Ari, the group leader.


Cancellations can be made by phone or e-mail to Romme Alpin (see website for contact information) up to and including the last date of booking. Repayment of all the paid
amount will be made minus an administrative fee of 100 kr.

Notification of Illness

In case of illness contact Ari, the group leader - not Romme Alpin.
Repayment is made after Ari sends a list for for all absent students. Alternatively a certificate from a doctor will do. The amount paid will be refunded less an administrative fee of a 100 kr.

If you have questions, contact the trip teacher: Ari Penttilä.

Tel: 070-4890944