Open House

Welcome to Open House at Rödabergsskolan

9:30-12:00 on Saturday the 28th of January.

Gathering in the Main Hall 9:30
Lessons: 9:45-10:15, 10:40-11:10, 11:30-12:00

Information for next term's 7A & 7B in the lunchroom at 12:00

Take the opportunity to visit lessons other than those of your child.
You are invited to see all exhibitions in the main building and Röde Orm.
Coffee is on sale in the Main Hall, Kristallen and Röde Orm during the breaks.
The Afternoon Club has a table in the main hall where you can get information. This is a good opportunity for parents' of third graders.
Marika Scheele will be answering questions about gymnasium and careers in room A420 during the second lesson and the breaks.
Do not forget to look for lost and found in the conference room.

Students are free from school on Monday the 30th of January.